2024’s Best Pick: Asian Suyo Long Cucumber Seeds for a Flavorful Harvest! Our Top Review

Welcome to our ‍product review blog post! Today, we’re ⁢excited to share our first-hand experience with the “For 2024!Cucumber​ Seeds ‌for Planting ​Vegetables and Fruits-Asian ⁤Suyo Long Cucumber Plant Seeds,Burpless Non GMO Garden​ Seeds Vegetable Seeds,Chinese Cucumber ​Seeds-11ct Veggie Seeds China ⁣Long ⁤Hybrid.” ⁣

This particular variety of ​cucumber seeds is‍ an early maturing sooyow type, perfect for planting​ outdoors.⁢ The cucumbers it⁤ produces have a unique spiny yet thin skin, which eliminates the need⁢ for peeling. Simply ‍wash ⁤off ⁤the spines and slice⁢ them up. These fruits grow to an impressive length of 14-15 inches,⁣ offering a satisfyingly crisp ⁢texture and a delicious flavor. They are not only great for pickling but also perfect for enjoying fresh.

One ⁢of the standout features of these cucumber seeds is their‍ tolerance to heat. They are resistant to various diseases such as DM, PM, CMV, and fusarium wilt, making them a reliable⁢ choice for your garden. Whether you have ⁤a home garden, an open field, a ‌potted plant, or a greenhouse, these‍ seeds are versatile and high-yielding.

The cultivation process is relatively straightforward. Prepare fertile and well-drained soil, and sow the seeds in ⁣late spring or early summer. If you ⁤prefer, you can start the seeds indoors and transplant ⁤them when the weather warms up. ⁢Keep the soil moist ⁢and fertilize as needed. ⁤These cucumbers thrive in temperatures around 75°F during the day and 60°F at night. ‍For better air ‍circulation, straighter fruits, and​ ease‍ of harvest, we recommend training them to climb a vertical​ support.

Now, let’s talk ⁢about ⁢the flavor profile. Both the Sooyow Nishiki and China Long cucumber ⁢varieties in this packet have a less bitter‌ taste compared to ‍other cultivars,⁢ offering a more ⁢pleasant eating experience. ⁢They are refreshingly crisp, crunchy, and succulent, with bright melon-like flavors. ⁢While China Long cucumbers have a⁣ mild and lightly sweet flavor, the Sooyow‍ Nishiki variety has⁢ a slightly less sweet taste.

In terms ​of pricing, the Sooyow⁣ Nishiki variety is considered an heirloom, resulting in a lower price compared to the hybrid China Long cucumbers included in this packet.

These cucumber ​seeds‍ have a‍ high germination ⁣rate ⁣of 99%, and our test date of November 8th, 2023, proves their quality. Similar to cherry ⁣tomato seeds, pepper seeds, and eggplant seeds, these cucumber seeds thrive in warm⁣ weather and are perfect for your summer⁣ vegetable garden. If you’re​ looking to extend‍ your growing season, we ⁤also offer winter vegetable seeds like celery‌ seeds, ⁣cabbage seeds, ⁤and turnip seeds.

In our personal ⁤experience with these seeds in 2021, we were able to harvest an impressive 201 cucumbers from just⁤ 9 ⁢plants. Although we initially started with 11 seedlings, we had​ to remove ​2 of them in July due to partial shade.

Rest assured, these seeds are⁤ non-GMO and hand-packed by Amy’s ​Store LLC in the United States of America. ‌So, if you’re⁣ looking​ to enjoy freshly sliced cucumbers with a light dressing or in salads, or if you’re planning to embark on a pickling ‍adventure,‌ these cucumber seeds are the perfect ⁣choice.

Overall, we highly recommend ‌giving the ⁣”For ‍2024!Cucumber Seeds for Planting Vegetables and Fruits-Asian Suyo Long Cucumber⁢ Plant Seeds,Burpless Non GMO Garden Seeds Vegetable⁣ Seeds,Chinese Cucumber Seeds-11ct Veggie​ Seeds China ‍Long Hybrid” a try. Get ⁣ready to savor the‍ unique flavors‌ and enjoy a bountiful harvest‌ from your ⁣garden.​ Don’t miss out ‌- this ⁢is it!

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Overview of the Asian Suyo ​Long Cucumber Plant Seeds

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The Asian Suyo Long Cucumber Plant Seeds are a fantastic choice‍ for any​ gardener looking⁢ to grow cucumbers with a unique flavor ⁢and easy cultivation.⁢ These early ⁣maturing seeds produce cucumbers⁤ with spiny yet thin skin, eliminating the need for‌ peeling. Simply wash⁢ off the spines and slice⁤ for a hassle-free preparation‍ process.

The ​fruits of the Asian Suyo Long Cucumber ⁣Plant Seeds grow to an⁢ impressive 14-15 inches in length, offering a crisp texture and delightful flavor. Whether you prefer to enjoy ⁤them fresh or use them for pickling, these ‌cucumbers⁣ are an excellent‍ choice. They are also known for their tolerance to heat and‌ resistance to DM, PM, CMV, and fusarium wilt, ensuring a successful harvest. With ⁣high yields and a maturity⁣ period of approximately 50-60 days, these ⁤seeds are⁣ a reliable ‍option for both home gardens and larger-scale cultivation projects.

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Specific Features and Aspects of ⁣the Chinese Cucumber ​Seeds

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If you’re‌ looking for cucumber ‍seeds that offer unique features and exceptional taste, our Chinese Cucumber Seeds are the perfect choice. These seeds⁣ produce early maturing sooyow type‍ cucumbers with distinct​ characteristics that​ set them apart from other varieties. Here ⁣are‌ some ⁤specific features and ‌aspects that make these seeds⁣ stand ⁣out:

  1. Spiny yet Thin Skin: The cucumber produced by these seeds has ‍a spiny‌ skin that⁣ adds a touch of texture and visual appeal. However, the skin is thin ​and doesn’t require peeling. Simply wash off the spines⁤ and slice⁢ it ⁣for use, saving you time and effort.

  2. Delicious Flavor and ​Crisp Texture:⁣ The fruits ⁢grown⁢ from these seeds reach a ⁣length of 14-15 inches and boast a crisp texture ‌with a delightful flavor.‌ Whether you’re using them for pickling or enjoying them fresh, you’ll be ⁤treated to a truly satisfying eating experience.

  3. Tolerance to Heat: These cucumber​ plants are resilient and can withstand high temperatures, making them ‍an excellent choice for ‌growing in warm climates. You can expect a successful harvest even during hot summer⁤ months.

  4. Resistance to Diseases: Our Chinese Cucumber Seeds ‍are specially bred to be ‍resistant to common diseases ⁢such ⁤as ⁤DM, PM, CMV, and fusarium wilt. This added resistance ensures that your plants stay healthy and⁣ productive, ‌giving you‌ a bountiful ​yield.

  5. High-Yielding:​ With these seeds, you can expect a⁤ high ⁢yield of ⁢cucumbers. They‌ are known ⁢for their productivity, meaning you’ll have an abundant ⁤supply of fresh cucumbers ​to enjoy ⁢throughout the growing⁣ season.

The Chinese Cucumber Seeds are versatile and suitable for various planting settings, including home gardens, open fields, potted plants, and greenhouses. Their adaptability allows you to cultivate them to ⁢your preference. The maturity period is approximately 50-60 days, ​and they are best planted in late spring or⁢ early summer.

It’s worth⁣ noting that these cucumber‍ seeds belong to the Asian Suyo ⁢Long variety, which is known for ‍its less bitter‍ taste, ⁢crunchy texture, and‍ melon-like flavors. The China Long cucumber offers ⁤a mild,⁤ lightly sweet flavor, ​while the Sooyow‌ Nishiki cucumber has a slightly less sweet taste. Both varieties provide a pleasant eating experience.

If you’re ready to experience the exceptional‌ qualities of our Chinese Cucumber Seeds, click here to purchase ​them on ⁤Amazon. Don’t ‌miss ⁢out ⁣on the opportunity ​to elevate your vegetable garden or add a⁤ unique twist to your culinary adventures with these​ flavorful and easy-to-grow cucumbers. Happy planting!

In-depth Insights and Recommendations for the Veggie Seeds

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When it comes to the ‌Veggie Seeds – Asian Suyo Long Cucumber Plant Seeds,‌ we have some in-depth insights and recommendations to share ⁢with you. This early maturing sooyow⁤ type cucumber is perfect⁢ for planting ⁤outdoors. With its very spiny yet thin skin, there’s no need ⁣to go through the ⁤hassle of peeling it. Just wash off the spines and ‌slice it up. The fruits ‍grow to an⁢ impressive 14-15″ in length and have a crisp texture and delicious flavor. They ⁤are not⁢ only great for‍ pickling but also perfect for fresh eating.

What sets this⁤ variety apart is its resistance to various ⁤diseases ⁢like DM, PM, CMV, and fusarium ‍wilt. This ⁤means that you can expect a ⁤high yield of healthy and ‌tasty cucumbers. Whether⁢ you’re planting them in⁢ your home garden, open field, potted plant, or greenhouse, these vegetable seeds are sure to thrive. The planting season for these seeds is in late spring to early summer, and they mature in approximately 50-60 days.​ It’s⁤ important​ to note that the Sooyow Nishiki cucumber,⁢ a variety we ⁣offer, has a⁢ less sweet taste compared to the China ⁣Long cucumber.

To ensure successful ⁣cultivation, prepare fertile and well-drained soil. ⁢You can sow the seeds directly in a warm and sunny location⁣ after ⁢the ⁤last frost, or start them indoors and transplant them when the weather ​warms up. Keep the⁢ soil moist and fertilize ​as needed. These cucumbers thrive in optimum temperatures of 75°F during the day and 60°F at night. It’s also ‌recommended to train ⁣them to climb a‍ vertical support for better air circulation, straighter fruits, and easier harvest.

If you’re looking for ‌a⁣ versatile and ⁣reliable vegetable seed, ⁣look no further. These Asian⁤ Suyo Long Cucumber⁢ Plant Seeds are a must-have for any gardening enthusiast. Experience the joy ‌of ‍growing your own cucumbers ​and enjoy them in salads, sliced with a light dressing, or as‍ pickles. Visit our website to get your hands on these seeds and start your veggie garden today!

Final Thoughts on the Burpless Non GMO Garden Seeds Vegetable Seeds

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After ⁢trying out the Burpless Non GMO Garden Seeds Vegetable Seeds,⁤ we can confidently say⁢ that they are a ⁣great addition to any home garden.‍ The early maturing sooyow type cucumber seeds are perfect⁢ for‍ planting outdoors, and their spiny yet thin skin adds⁢ an interesting texture to ​any dish. We love that there’s no need to peel⁣ the skin, simply wash off the spines and slice away!

Not only‍ do these cucumber plants‍ produce fruits that are 14-15″ long, ⁤crisp, and flavorful,‌ but they are also tolerant to heat and resistant to various diseases. This means that‌ you can enjoy ⁣a bountiful harvest without worrying about pest or disease issues. The high yielding ‍nature of these seeds is ‍another bonus,⁤ ensuring that⁢ you’ll have plenty of cucumbers for pickling or⁣ fresh ⁤eating.

In terms of taste, both the Sooyow‍ Nishiki and China Long varieties ​offer a less ⁤bitter ‌and more pleasant eating⁣ experience‌ compared⁣ to other cultivars. While‌ the China Long cucumbers have ‍a mild, lightly sweet flavor, the Sooyow Nishiki variety has a slightly less sweet⁣ taste. ​It’s also worth noting that the price of the Sooyow ‍Nishiki ‍is lower than the China Long, making it​ an affordable choice for those on a budget.

Overall, we highly recommend the ‍Burpless Non GMO Garden Seeds Vegetable Seeds for anyone‌ looking to grow delicious⁢ cucumbers in their home ⁣garden. With their easy cultivation‍ instructions and great taste, ‍these seeds ⁢are sure to bring a touch of freshness and flavor to your culinary adventures. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance‌ your gardening experience, click ⁢here⁢ to purchase ⁢these amazing seeds on ‌Amazon!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Rating:‍ 5 stars

Rating: 5 stars

Rating: 4 stars

Rating: 1 star

Rating:⁤ 1 star

Rating: 5 stars

Rating: 5 stars

Rating: 1 star

Summary‍ of Customer Reviews:

  • Positive reviews appreciated the fast growth and bountiful fruit.
  • Some customers ​mentioned the thin skin and few ‌seeds, making ‌the cucumbers‍ delicious.
  • Another⁤ customer⁣ mentioned that the cucumbers ‌tend to get fatter towards the bottom​ if left on‌ the vine.
  • Negative reviews expressed disappointment with seeds not sprouting‍ and slow growth.
  • Overall, positive reviews highlighted the easy-growing nature of the seeds, and their ability to produce big and crunchy cucumbers.

Rating Summary:
5 Stars 3
4 Stars 1
1 Star 3

Please note that ⁤individual ⁣results may vary based on⁢ different growing conditions and gardening practices.

Pros &‍ Cons

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  1. Early⁤ maturing variety, ready for harvest ⁣in 50-60⁢ days
  2. Produces ⁤high yields of crisp ⁢and⁣ flavorful cucumbers
  3. Tolerant to heat, making it suitable for warm climates
  4. Resistant⁤ to common ‍cucumber diseases such as DM, PM, CMV, and fusarium wilt
  5. Can be grown⁢ in various settings including home gardens, ⁤open fields, potted plants, ‍and greenhouses
  6. Requires⁣ minimal preparation – no ⁢need to peel the spiny skin, just⁣ wash off⁢ the spines and slice
  7. Suitable for both pickling⁤ and⁢ fresh eating
  8. Asian type cucumber with a less bitter taste, providing a pleasant eating⁢ experience
  9. Thin skin and crunchy texture, reminiscent of melon flavors
  10. Non-GMO⁤ seeds, ensuring a natural ⁤and healthy harvest


  • Spiny ⁣skin ⁢may be off-putting for some consumers
  • Less sweet taste compared to other Asian cucumber varieties
  • Price of the China Long hybrid variety ⁢is ‌relatively⁤ higher than the ⁢heirloom Sooyow Nishiki variety
  • Requires vertical ‍support for optimal growth⁤ and fruit straightness
  • Optimum ​growing temperatures may need to be maintained for successful cultivation
  • May not‌ perform well in cooler climates


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Q&A Section:

Question ⁣1: ⁣Can these Asian ⁢Suyo Long Cucumber seeds be planted indoors or do ​they ​need to be planted‌ directly outdoors?

Answer: These cucumber seeds can be ​planted both indoors and outdoors. If you choose​ to start them‌ indoors, ⁢make sure to transplant them outside once the weather warms ⁢up. This will allow them to thrive in a warm and sunny location.

Question 2: How ⁤long‌ does it‍ take for the fruits ​to grow ‍and be ready for harvest?

Answer: The fruits of these Asian ‍Suyo Long Cucumbers typically take approximately 50-60 days to mature. This ⁢means you can expect a flavorful⁤ harvest in just a ‌couple ⁢of months after​ planting.

Question 3: Are these cucumber ​seeds suitable ​for pickling?

Answer: Absolutely! These⁢ Asian⁢ Suyo Long Cucumbers are excellent for pickling. Their crisp texture and good flavor make them a perfect ​choice for creating delicious pickles.

Question 4: Do these cucumber plants require any⁣ special care ​or attention while​ growing?

Answer: These cucumber plants‍ are relatively easy to⁤ grow, but they do require some care. It is important to keep the soil moist and⁣ fertilize ⁢as needed. Additionally, training the vines ⁤to climb a vertical support will improve air circulation and‌ result in⁣ straighter fruits, making harvest easier.

Question 5:⁤ Are these cucumber seeds non-GMO?

Answer: Yes, ⁣these Asian Suyo Long Cucumber seeds ⁤are non-GMO. We prioritize​ providing high-quality,⁣ natural seeds for⁢ our ‌customers.

Question 6: Can I expect a⁤ high yield from ‍these ⁢cucumber plants?

Answer: Yes, these cucumber plants ⁣are known for their high yielding capabilities. In​ our⁢ own experience, we harvested 201 cucumbers ⁤from just 9 plants. With proper care and favorable⁣ growing conditions, you can anticipate an abundant harvest.

Question 7: ​Can these⁣ cucumber seeds⁤ be planted in both home gardens and​ larger open fields?

Answer: Absolutely! These Asian Suyo Long⁢ Cucumber seeds ​are versatile and can be⁢ planted⁣ in various settings, including home​ gardens, open fields, potted plants, and even greenhouses. They adapt well ​to different environments and ‍provide a ‌flavorful⁣ harvest wherever ⁣they ‍are grown.

Question 8: Are ​these cucumber seeds suitable ​for ‌warm weather⁣ climates?

Answer: Yes, these cucumber seeds are ​perfect ​for warm weather climates. Like cherry ⁤tomato seeds, pepper seeds, and ​eggplant seeds, cucumber ​seeds are considered summer⁤ vegetable seeds that thrive in warmer temperatures. ⁢So, if you live⁢ in ‍an area ‍with⁤ consistently high temperatures, these seeds are a great ⁢choice⁤ for ‍you.

Question 9: Can you tell us more about the difference between⁣ Sooyow Nishiki and⁢ China Long cucumbers?

Answer:​ Sure! Both Sooyow Nishiki and ‍China‍ Long cucumbers are Asian⁤ type cucumbers with ⁤a⁣ less bitter taste⁢ than ⁢other cultivars. However, there are some slight ⁣differences between the two. China Long cucumbers ‌have a mild,‌ lightly sweet flavor, while Sooyow Nishiki cucumbers are less sweet in taste. Additionally, Sooyow Nishiki is an heirloom variety, making it more affordable compared to the ‌China Long hybrid.

Question⁣ 10: Are these cucumber ⁣seeds suitable for winter⁣ or ‍fall planting as ⁤well?

Answer: These cucumber seeds ⁤are⁢ primarily ​considered summer vegetable seeds, perfect for warm ‌weather. However, if you’re looking for winter or fall planting options, we also carry a ⁤range of winter vegetable seeds such as celery seeds, cabbage seeds, and turnip seeds. These ⁤will thrive ​in‌ cooler temperatures and provide you with fresh produce during the colder seasons.

In conclusion, these ​Asian Suyo Long Cucumber seeds are a‍ fantastic choice for anyone ⁢looking to⁤ grow flavorful and high-yielding cucumbers.‍ Whether you’re a pickle lover or enjoy them in salads,⁤ these cucumbers will definitely add a‌ tasty ‌touch to your dishes. Happy planting!

Seize ⁣the ​Opportunity

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2024’s Best​ Pick: Asian Suyo Long Cucumber Seeds for a Flavorful ⁣Harvest! ‍Our Top Review

Thank you ‍for ⁣joining us as ⁢we⁤ explored the wonderful world of⁤ Asian Suyo Long Cucumber⁣ Seeds. We hope you found our review insightful and informative.

These cucumber seeds truly⁣ stand out among the rest. With their early maturing nature and unique spiny yet thin skin, they offer a delightful twist⁢ to‌ your garden. No need to peel the ​skin, simply wash off the spines and slice away. The ‌fruits grow​ to a remarkable 14-15 inches in ‍length, boasting a‌ crisp texture and a​ flavor that will leave ‌your taste buds thrilled.

What sets these seeds apart ​is their versatility. Whether you’re craving fresh cucumbers ⁣for salads or looking to create mouthwatering pickles, these ⁢seeds have got you ⁤covered. They are not​ only heat⁢ tolerant but also resistant to‍ various diseases, making them a reliable and high-yielding‍ option for ‌your home garden, open field, potted plant, or greenhouse.

We can’t stress enough ⁤the delectable ‍taste of these cucumbers.⁣ They offer a‌ less bitter ⁢experience compared to other‌ varieties, enticingly crisp and succulent‍ with⁤ bright, melon-like ​flavors. The China Long cucumbers⁤ boast‍ a mild, lightly ​sweet flavor, while the Sooyow Nishiki‌ cucumbers have a slightly less sweet taste. ​Your preference will guide you in choosing the perfect fit ‍for⁤ your palate.

To ensure ⁢optimal growth, it’s important to prepare fertile, well-drained soil and provide a warm, sunny location for planting. Whether you choose to ⁤sow the ​seeds directly in your ⁤garden⁢ or start​ them indoors and transplant⁣ later, maintaining moist soil and proper fertilization will lead you to a successful harvest. Don’t forget ⁢the benefits of ‌training these cucumber plants to climb ⁣a vertical support, allowing for better​ air circulation, straighter fruits, and easier ‍harvesting.

Just like their counterparts, cherry tomato, pepper, and ‍eggplant seeds, these⁤ cucumber⁤ seeds thrive in warm weather, making them an ideal choice ​for your⁣ summer vegetable⁣ garden. ⁢But we don’t stop there! We⁣ also offer a variety of winter vegetable ‍seeds and fall vegetable ‍seeds, including celery, cabbage, and turnip⁢ seeds, to keep your garden flourishing all year round.

With a sky-high germination rate of 99%, these cucumbers practically grow themselves. In fact, in 2021 alone, ⁢from just 9 plants, we harvested ⁣a whopping 201 cucumbers! That’s⁤ a testament to the quality and abundance these⁢ seeds provide.

To experience the wonders of ‌Asian​ Suyo Long Cucumber Seeds for​ yourself, ⁤we invite you to ‌click here‌ and take advantage of this incredible product on Amazon: Click‍ here​ to‌ buy now!

From our gardens to yours, we wish you a bountiful and flavorful harvest. Happy planting!

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