BNX TruFilter: The Ultimate USA-Made Air Filter for Clean and Healthy Air!

Welcome to ⁤our product review blog post! Today, we will ‍be‍ sharing our first-hand‌ experience with ⁤the BNX TruFilter ⁢20x20x1 ‌Air Filter⁢ MERV 13‍ (6-Pack) – MADE ⁣IN USA – Electrostatic Pleated Air Conditioner HVAC⁣ AC Furnace Filters for​ Allergies, Pollen, Mold, Bacteria, Smoke,⁣ Allergen,⁤ MPR 1900 ‌FPR 10. We understand‍ the importance of having clean and⁢ healthy air in⁤ our homes, especially for those who suffer from allergies⁤ or respiratory issues. That’s ‌why‍ we‍ were intrigued to try‌ out this air ⁤filter,​ which promises superior performance and captures⁢ even the tiniest microscopic particles. Join us ‍as we dive into the features, benefits, ‌and overall quality of ⁣the ⁢BNX⁢ TruFilter 20x20x1 Air Filter.

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Overview of the BNX TruFilter 20x20x1 ⁣Air ⁣Filter ‍MERV 13 (6-Pack)

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Are⁤ you in⁢ need of a high-quality air‌ filter that⁤ delivers⁤ exceptional ‌performance?‌ Look no further than the BNX TruFilter ⁤20x20x1 Air ⁤Filter MERV 13 (6-Pack).​ We take pride in manufacturing our air filters, ⁤masks, ⁣and PPE right here in the United States. Our⁢ commitment is to provide‌ you with the best filtration products on⁢ the market. Made in the USA, sustainably produced ⁣by‌ BNX Converting,⁢ LLC in Houston, TX, we prioritize minimal environmental waste by ‌utilizing single-sided frame technology made from recycled cardboard.

When it comes to performance, the BNX TruFilter⁤ 20x20x1 Air Filter stands out from the crowd. With its⁣ MERV 13 rating and electrostatic filtration technology, it surpasses standard ​fiberglass‌ filters, ⁤capturing up to 98% of airborne particles without impeding air flow. Whether it’s‌ pollen,‍ mold, bacteria, smoke, ‌or ‍microscopic particles, this filter has you covered. Plus, its​ low air flow ​resistance ensures optimal defense without compromising efficiency.

At BNX, we are committed to delivering the highest⁤ quality​ American-made safety products. Our automated manufacturing⁣ processes and technology adhere ‍to strict quality standards, giving you peace of mind. ⁢With a size of ⁢19 11/16’’ x 19 11/16’’⁤ x 3/4‘’, this MERV 13 air ‍filter is a⁤ perfect replacement for ⁤your air conditioner, furnace, or HVAC system.⁢ Comparable to MPR 1500-1900 and FPR ‍10, it provides⁢ superior filtration and durability. ​Upgrade your air filtering⁤ system today and breathe easier with the ‍BNX ‍TruFilter 20x20x1 Air ⁢Filter MERV​ 13 (6-Pack).

Highlighted Features and Aspects ‌of the ⁣BNX TruFilter 20x20x1 Air Filter MERV 13 (6-Pack)

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  1. Made⁣ in ‍the USA: At BNX,⁣ we take pride in manufacturing⁤ our⁣ air⁢ filters, masks, and PPE locally ​in ‍the United‌ States. Our commitment‌ is to bring‍ you the highest quality filtration‌ products that are made with American workers and adhere​ to the strictest quality standards.

  2. Sustainable ⁤Production:⁣ We prioritize sustainability by adopting single-sided (one-piece) ⁢frame technology, which reduces environmental waste. Our filters are made from recycled cardboard, ensuring that‍ our‍ manufacturing processes are eco-friendly.

  3. Superior ‍Performance: The BNX ​MERV 13 air filter media surpasses standard‍ fiberglass filters. It incorporates the latest in electrostatic filtration ⁣technology, which enables it to capture ⁤a wide range‌ of microscopic particles ⁢including pollen, mold bacteria, smoke, and carriers. With industry-leading low air flow‍ resistance, ‌our filters provide optimal defense while maintaining excellent breathability.

  4. Captures Microscopic Particles: With a MERV⁢ 13 rating,⁣ our air‌ filters have​ the ability ⁤to capture up to 98% ⁢of‌ airborne particles without compromising air flow. This includes virus-carriers,⁣ bacteria, odors, smoke, pollen, pet dander, allergens,⁣ dust, ⁣lint, mold, dust mites, and smog. You can breathe‍ easy⁤ knowing that our filters are designed ⁢to ‌purify‍ the air you breathe.

Trust the BNX ⁢TruFilter 20x20x1 Air Filter MERV 13 (6-Pack) for superior filtration and sustainable manufacturing. ⁢Upgrade‍ your air conditioner, furnace, or HVAC system with our high-quality filters made in the​ USA. Take a step ​towards ‍cleaner and healthier air today. ⁤Click here to get yours now!

Insights and Recommendations for the BNX TruFilter 20x20x1​ Air Filter MERV 13​ (6-Pack)

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When⁣ it comes​ to air filters, the BNX TruFilter ⁢20x20x1 Air Filter MERV 13 is ‍a game-changer. ​Not only​ is⁢ it proudly made in the USA, ⁤but ⁤it also boasts ‍superior performance ‍and ⁤sustainability features that set it apart from ⁣other⁤ filters ​on the market.

One of the standout features of this ‍air ‍filter ‍is its MERV 13⁢ rating, which means it can capture an impressive 98% ⁤of‍ airborne ​particles without sacrificing​ air flow. This is crucial for maintaining a clean and healthy indoor ⁤environment, especially for ‌those ‌with allergies or sensitivities. The advanced electrostatic filtration technology employed by ​the BNX TruFilter ensures that microscopic‌ particles like pollen, mold bacteria, smoke, and even ⁣virus-carriers are effectively trapped, providing optimal defense against these common indoor pollutants.

In addition to its filtration capabilities, this air filter is ⁣also designed with sustainability in mind. BNX uses single-sided frame technology, reducing environmental waste, ⁣and manufactures the filter sustainably from recycled cardboard. ⁣This commitment‍ to⁢ eco-conscious​ practices is ‍commendable and aligns with our values as consumers.

Overall, the⁣ BNX TruFilter 20x20x1 Air Filter MERV 13 is a⁢ top-notch choice for anyone looking to improve the air quality in their home or office. Its​ superior⁣ performance, sustainable ‍manufacturing, and commitment to quality make it a reliable option for ‌all your​ filtration needs. We highly recommend giving⁣ it a ⁣try and experience the​ difference it can make in your ‍indoor environment.

Click here⁤ to check out the BNX⁣ TruFilter 20x20x1 Air Filter MERV ‍13 (6-Pack) on ‍Amazon.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

When it comes to air filters, ‌one might wonder how different they can really be. ⁤BNX’s MERV 13 ⁢filters, however, stand out ⁢in terms of quality and value. This review is based on a unique⁣ 9-month test run in a garage setting, pushing the‍ filters ‍beyond their typical residential use.

Firstly, let’s talk about ‌durability. Each⁤ pack comes with four robust filters. I used them in a‍ makeshift setup ⁤with a ⁤box fan running non-stop. Despite being exposed to ‌heavy garage dust and continuous operation, ⁣these filters have​ impressively ​held⁢ their ​shape without bending or‌ caving in. While there’s a noticeable reduction‌ in airflow – a​ natural‌ occurrence over time – they still perform remarkably‌ well.

An added bonus ⁣is ​the cost-effectiveness. Compared to well-known‌ brands like 3M, I⁣ saved around $20. ​This ​price advantage doesn’t compromise on quality, making these⁤ filters an excellent choice for both standard home​ use and more unconventional ‌projects.

In conclusion, BNX’s MERV 13⁤ filters are‍ a testament to quality and affordability.⁢ Whether⁤ it’s for keeping your home air⁤ clean or for creative endeavors like ⁣mine, these filters are a reliable and economical choice.

Customer Reviews

Review Rating
I’m proud of this most reason it worth ⁤the money.Great and strong filtering‌ so great⁤ it ‍helps us reduce the dust in the house.Will recommend to all. 5/5
Top quality⁣ product! It has really made a ⁤difference in our inside air. We ⁣will be buying more‍ of these in the future.It did fit very snugly in the ⁤frame for it. 5/5
These are average quality.‌ Sometimes when I go​ to remove the ⁢finger it gets stuck & I have⁣ to rip it out. I feel ⁣it could be better quality. It is a​ good deal⁤ for the​ price. 3/5
Great‌ filters, well made and at ⁢a fair ⁤price! What more do you⁤ want?And yes⁤ made in the US. All​ good. No 5/5
This is great value for the price.‍ Cheapest I could find for ‍a multi pack that has ​good quality function⁤ and features. Packaged well and arrived perfectly. We ⁢have 9 German shepherds, 6 puppies and 2 ⁣cats and these hold up great and get the job done. 5/5
I change them every 30 days, in the ⁢cold Ohio months.⁣ Every 3 months in⁣ summer. We only use A/C when very humid. ‍But I always check every month. They are not ‍cheap, but when⁤ it comes to filters,​ you get what you⁢ pay for. I have shopped around, both ⁢on line and in stores. ⁢This is the‍ best for ⁢the money. 5/5
While these‌ filters⁤ were just received and first time installed ‌it fit perfectly.So the ​dimensions were good. The MERV ‌13 compared ‍to the 11 previously used has more surface area.We’re hoping to cut down on ⁣dust and ⁤allergiens in the home after having ducts‍ cleaner.Good value per filter with the only negative is the frame of the filter is thin so‌ be careful install gas it crushes easily 4/5
Goods arrived damaged – will ⁤not fit on slot. 1/5
What’s⁤ more important than clean air in your​ home? Clean air that didn’t cost a lot to achieve. Compared to⁤ lower rated MERV filters, which I previously bought to save money, these‌ do ⁤a great job. My subjective opinion ‍is that we‌ see less dust on shelves now compared to before we bought these, so that tells me they are doing their job. Sizing and visual quality is bang on. 5/5
Noticed a difference​ right⁢ away after changing to this vent filter. ‍It‌ may be a small difference‍ but worth the money since some of‍ us spend more time in‍ the home vs outside. 5/5
Ideal p hacer ⁢un filtro de ambiente casero 5/5
in ‌2 minutes had ⁢old one out ‍ant new one installed 5/5

Pros ⁣& Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • MADE⁤ IN USA – ‍Manufactured locally ⁣in ⁤Houston,⁤ TX.
  • SUSTAINABILITY – ‌Made from recycled⁣ cardboard and single sided frame technology.
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE – Outperforms standard fiberglass ‍filters.
  • MAXIMUM ‍FILTRATION – Captures 98% of airborne particles, including virus-carriers, bacteria, odors,⁣ smoke, and pollen.
  • LOW AIR ⁤FLOW ‌RESISTANCE ‍- Maintains industry leading superior airflow.
  • COMPARABLE WITH​ MPR 1500-1900 ⁣& FPR 10 – Provides⁢ optimal defense.


  • Cost – The 6-pack may ⁢be ⁢more expensive upfront compared to individual filters.
  • Size Limitation – Only available in 20x20x1,⁣ may not⁣ fit all HVAC systems.


The BNX TruFilter 20x20x1‍ Air⁣ Filter is the ultimate USA-made air filter for ⁤clean ‌and‌ healthy air. It is proudly‌ manufactured in the United States with a ⁤commitment‍ to‌ high-quality filtration products. The filter’s superior performance, capturing⁤ 98% of airborne particles, makes it an excellent choice ‍for those concerned about allergies, pollen, mold, bacteria, smoke, and other allergens. Additionally, its ‍low air flow resistance ensures optimal airflow while maintaining exceptional filtration efficiency. ⁤Though it may come at a higher upfront cost, the ⁢filter’s quality and sustainability make it a ⁢worthwhile investment.


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Q: How does the BNX TruFilter compare to standard fiberglass filters?

A: The ​BNX TruFilter surpasses standard fiberglass filters in terms of ⁢performance. Its MERV 13 air filter media captures maximum pollen, mold bacteria, smoke, carriers, and other microscopic particles.​ With the latest in ​electrostatic filtration technology, it ​ensures superior filtration efficiency while maintaining ​low air flow resistance.

Q: What size is the‍ BNX TruFilter?

A: The⁢ BNX TruFilter comes in​ a 20x20x1 size, ‍which⁤ is a common size ⁣for ​air conditioners, furnaces, and HVAC systems. Its actual ‍dimensions are 19⁢ 11/16’’ x 19 11/16’’ ⁢x 3/4‘’.

Q: Is the BNX TruFilter made in the USA?

A: Yes, we proudly manufacture​ the BNX‍ TruFilter in the ‍United States. It is produced by BNX⁤ Converting, LLC ⁢in Houston, TX, a registered and approved facility⁢ with EPA Registration # 101638-TX-1.

Q: ‍Is the BNX‍ TruFilter environmentally friendly?

A: Absolutely!⁢ We prioritize sustainability in our manufacturing process. The BNX‌ TruFilter‍ adopts ⁢single-sided ⁤(one-piece) frame technology to ​reduce environmental waste and‍ is made sustainably from recycled cardboard. You⁣ can feel good knowing that⁤ you’re using an air filter that cares for the environment.

Q: What is the MERV⁤ 13 rating on the BNX TruFilter?

A: The BNX TruFilter has a MERV 13 rating, which means​ it can capture ⁤98% of airborne particles without compromising air ​flow.⁣ It efficiently captures microscopic particles‍ such as virus-carriers, ⁢bacteria, odors,​ smoke, pollen, pet⁣ dander, allergens, dust, lint, mold,⁣ dust mites, and smog.

Q: Does ​the BNX TruFilter impact air flow?

A: No, the ​BNX TruFilter maintains industry-leading low air flow resistance.‍ You can enjoy clean and​ healthy air‌ without worrying about ⁤restricted air‍ flow.

Q: What⁢ is ‌BNX’s quality promise?

A: At ⁤BNX, we are dedicated to delivering the ‌highest quality ​American-made safety products. Our air filters, masks, ⁣and PPE‌ are made​ with American⁤ workers⁢ and adhere to strict⁤ quality standards. We utilize the latest automated manufacturing processes and⁤ technology to ensure top-notch quality in all our products.

We⁢ hope this Q&A section provides you with​ all the ​information you need about the BNX TruFilter. If ‍you have any further ‌questions, feel free to ask!

Embody Excellence

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In ⁤conclusion, BNX​ TruFilter is the ultimate ‍air filter for clean and ⁣healthy air.⁤ As proud manufacturers of American-made filtration products, we prioritize filtration efficiency and breathability in all our air filters. With our MERV 13 rating, our air filter captures‍ a whopping 98% of airborne particles without compromising ⁢on air flow.

What sets BNX TruFilter apart is ‌its superior⁣ performance compared to standard fiberglass filters. Our‍ advanced electrostatic filtration technology ensures that pollen, mold, bacteria, smoke, and other‍ microscopic ​particles are effectively trapped. Say goodbye‌ to allergens, odors,⁤ pet ​dander, dust mites, and smog!

We also take pride in our commitment to sustainability. BNX TruFilter is crafted using recycled cardboard and adopts single-sided frame technology, reducing environmental ‍waste. Made in our registered and approved facility ⁤in Houston, Texas, we guarantee the ‌highest quality‍ standards.

To experience ⁣the difference for yourself,​ replace your air conditioner, furnace, or HVAC system filter with our 20x20x1 MERV 13 filter. It’s easy to install and compatible with MPR 1500-1900 and FPR 10. Enjoy optimal defense with⁢ our electrostatically charged filter media and industry-leading ‍low⁣ air flow resistance.

At BNX, we ⁢promise ​to deliver the highest quality‍ American-made safety products, manufactured by skilled American workers using⁢ the latest technology. ‌Our⁤ dedication to ‍quality sets us apart.

Don’t⁢ compromise ‌on ⁣the air you breathe. Choose BNX TruFilter for clean and healthy air.‍ Click here to purchase your pack of BNX TruFilter 20x20x1⁣ Air Filter MERV 13 (6-Pack) on Amazon and prioritize your well-being today: BNX TruFilter!

Remember, breathe with confidence with ⁣BNX TruFilter!

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