Upgrade Your iMac Mid-2011 with the New HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card: A Review

Welcome to our product ⁢review blog post featuring⁤ the “New HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card Replacement for iMac⁤ Mid-2011 27″ All-in-One Desktop⁤ PC Core i7 3.4⁤ MD063LL/A MD063, AMD Radeon HD6970M HD6970 GPU ‍Upgrade MXM Video Board Repair Parts”. In this post, we will be sharing ‌our first-hand⁣ experience with ⁣this graphics ‌card replacement and providing all the necessary ‌details you need to know before making a purchase.

Before we dive into the specifics, it’s‌ important to note that this ⁢product is a graphics card replacement only and does not include ‌any accessories or‌ software. Additionally, ‌installing this⁢ graphics card requires professional skill, so we highly⁢ recommend taking it to an Apple ⁢repair center‍ for installation.

The​ manufacturer of this graphics card replacement is AMD, and its​ model is HD 6970M.⁢ It boasts a memory size of 2 GB and a part⁣ number of 109-C29647-00. The card is in brand new condition and falls under the MXM type. It ‍also comes with a three-month warranty‍ for added peace of mind.

Now, ⁢let’s​ take a closer look at the technical details ‌of the HD 6970M. It features the AMD Radeon ‌HD 6970M 960 @ 680 MHz and has a 256-bit memory bus width operating at 900 MHz. The codename for this ​graphics card is Blackcomb XT, and​ it falls under the Terascale 2 architecture. ‍With 960 unified ​pipelines, ‍this card ⁢offers impressive performance. It supports DirectX ⁤11 and Shader 5.0‌ for enhanced gaming and ‌graphics capabilities.

In⁤ terms of power consumption, the​ HD 6970M requires 75-100​ watts and has 1700 million transistors. It ⁢utilizes 40 nm technology and is designed to fit larger notebook sizes. This graphics card was announced on 06.01.2011 and is considered the best choice for upgrading or replacing the old card in‍ an iMac Mid-2011 27 Inch All-in-One Desktop PC.

It’s essential to mention that this product‌ does not ‌come ‌in its original ⁤retail package and does not include any software, user‍ manual, driver ‍disc, or accessories. However, you can still acquire the necessary⁢ X bracket, heatsink, or connecting cable from the old place.

Before shipping, we thoroughly test each graphics card to ensure its functionality. As a⁢ result, you may ⁢notice some minor scratches ⁤or thermal compound on ​the chip. As previously⁤ mentioned, professional skill is⁣ required for installation, so‌ if⁢ you’re unsure, we recommend taking it to a repair shop nearby. We ⁣do not ‌provide an installation​ tutorial.

In conclusion, the “New HD 6970M⁢ 2GB Graphics Card Replacement for iMac ⁤Mid-2011 27″ ⁢All-in-One Desktop PC Core i7 3.4 MD063LL/A MD063, ​AMD Radeon HD6970M HD6970 GPU Upgrade ⁤MXM Video Board Repair Parts” is an excellent choice for upgrading or replacing the old graphics card in your iMac. However, we advise double-checking the compatibility before making a purchase. If ⁣you have any questions or uncertainties, please feel free ​to contact us.

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Upgrade Your iMac Mid-2011 with the New HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card: A Review插图
In the ,⁤ we wanted to highlight some key points about the New HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card Replacement for the iMac Mid-2011 27″ All-in-One Desktop PC.​ This graphics card is a⁣ fantastic option for upgrading or replacing the old card in your iMac. ⁤It is designed to provide a superior performance‍ and enhance the overall graphics​ capabilities of your ‍system.

Please note that this product only includes⁢ the graphics ⁣card itself, without any accompanying accessories​ or software. Therefore, it is important to have‌ professional skills​ to install the graphics ‍card or take it​ to an Apple repair center​ near you‌ for assistance. If you have any doubts about the ⁣compatibility, feel ‌free to reach​ out to us before placing ⁣your order.

The New HD 6970M 2GB ⁢Graphics Card comes with a three-month warranty,⁢ ensuring your peace of mind. The ​card features⁢ the AMD Radeon⁢ HD 6970M with impressive specifications ​like 960 pipelines, a core speed of 680 MHz, and a memory ‍speed of 900 MHz. With DirectX 11 and Shader 5.0 support, ⁣this graphics card offers ‍an immersive gaming and multimedia experience.

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Highlights of the New HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card Replacement

Upgrade Your iMac Mid-2011 with the New HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card: A Review插图1

  • High ‌Performance: The New HD 6970M 2GB​ Graphics Card Replacement is designed to deliver exceptional performance, making it the perfect choice for upgrading or ​replacing ​the old card in your iMac Mid-2011 27 Inch All-in-One Desktop PC. With its AMD Radeon HD 6970M GPU, you can enjoy smooth⁤ graphics​ and enhanced visuals ​for an immersive computing experience.

  • Easy Compatibility: We understand that ⁣compatibility is a major concern when it ⁣comes to graphics card ​replacements. That’s why we offer expert⁢ assistance to ensure that the New HD 6970M​ 2GB Graphics Card Replacement is ⁣compatible with‌ your system. Simply contact our ⁤team before ordering, and we will provide you with the necessary information‌ to make⁢ an⁣ informed decision.

With⁣ our New HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card Replacement, you can expect brand​ new, high-quality ⁢parts that have been thoroughly tested before shipping. While there may be some minor cosmetic blemishes,​ such as scratches or thermal compound on the‌ chip, rest assured⁣ that the card will perform⁣ flawlessly. However, ‍please note that professional installation skills are required, and we‌ recommend taking your iMac to a repair shop if you are unsure about the⁢ installation process.

Upgrade ‍your‌ iMac Mid-2011 27 Inch​ All-in-One Desktop PC‍ with the New HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card Replacement and‌ experience superior graphics performance. Don’t‌ hesitate to contact us if you have ⁤any questions or need assistance with compatibility. Make the smart choice for your computer⁤ upgrade and order now from Amazon with our Call to ‍Action link!

Detailed Insights into the ‌Performance and Compatibility

Upgrade Your iMac Mid-2011 with the New HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card: A Review插图2
In terms of performance,‌ the New HD 6970M ⁣2GB Graphics Card‌ Replacement for iMac Mid-2011 27″ All-in-One Desktop PC Core i7 3.4 MD063LL/A MD063 definitely ⁤delivers. With its AMD Radeon HD 6970M GPU, ⁣you can expect a substantial boost in⁤ graphics capabilities compared to the old card. The powerful 960 unified pipelines⁤ and core speed of 680 ​MHz‌ ensure smooth⁤ and lag-free rendering, whether ⁤you’re⁢ playing games​ or editing videos. The‌ 2GB memory size and GDDR5 memory type also contribute to ‌faster and more efficient data processing.

Furthermore, this graphics⁢ card is compatible with DirectX 11 and Shader 5.0, allowing for advanced visual effects and improved gaming experiences. Its large notebook size‌ ensures optimal cooling and‍ prevents ⁢overheating during intensive tasks. The 256-bit memory bus⁣ width ‍and​ 900 MHz memory speed further enhance the card’s performance and ensure ​quick data transfer.

When it comes to compatibility, it’s important to note that this graphics card‌ is designed specifically for ⁢the iMac Mid-2011 27″ All-in-One Desktop PC. However, if you‍ have ‌any doubts about compatibility, ‌it’s always best to reach out to us before making a‌ purchase. We want to ensure that you have the best possible experience​ with your new graphics card, so please‍ don’t hesitate to contact us for ​assistance. Additionally, please keep in ⁣mind that this product ⁣does not come with any accessories or software. However, you can easily obtain X bracket, heatsink, or connecting cable from the old place to ⁣complete the ⁤installation process. Professional skill is required to⁢ install the‍ graphics card, so if you’re unsure of ‌how to ⁤do it, we recommend taking it ⁣to a nearby repair shop. Rest assured, we thoroughly test each card before‌ shipping,‌ but you may come across some minor scratches or thermal compound on the chip due to the‍ testing process. Overall, the New HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card⁤ Replacement is an excellent⁢ choice for upgrading or replacing the old graphics card in‍ your iMac Mid-2011 27″ All-in-One Desktop PC, providing⁣ improved performance and an enhanced visual​ experience. Don’t⁢ miss ​out on this ⁣opportunity ⁢to elevate your computing capabilities – click here to order now!

Specific ​Recommendations for the iMac Mid-2011⁢ 27″ All-in-One Desktop PC

Upgrade Your iMac Mid-2011 with the New HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card: A Review插图3

When it comes to upgrading or replacing the old graphics card in your iMac Mid-2011 27″ All-in-One Desktop PC, the New HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card Replacement is the best​ choice. With ​its advanced ⁣features‌ and ‍powerful‌ performance, it will⁢ take your computing experience to ‌the next level.

Before ordering, it’s important to ensure compatibility. If you are ⁤uncertain, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. We ⁤want ⁤to ⁣make sure you ⁤receive⁣ the⁣ right‍ product for your specific needs.

Please note that the​ graphics card comes without any accessories or software, and we don’t provide an installation tutorial. To ensure proper installation, we recommend taking it to ‍an ​Apple repair center or a⁢ professional technician ⁤with the ⁤expertise to ⁢handle the installation process.

Rest assured, our‍ graphics cards are thoroughly tested before shipping, so it’s possible to see some minor‍ scratches ⁤or thermal compound on the chip. However, these cosmetic imperfections​ do not affect ⁤the card’s functionality or ⁣performance.

With ⁢a brand new condition and a warranty‍ of three months, this AMD HD 6970M graphics card offers an excellent option for improving your iMac’s graphics capabilities.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

When we received our first customer‌ review, we⁣ were initially a bit skeptical due to the customer’s hesitation in ⁣purchasing ‌the ‌HD 6970M ‌graphics card. However, their experience turned out to be incredibly positive. They mentioned that it took them about an hour to install the card, but this was due⁤ to their cautious and careful approach. Once everything was properly set up, they⁢ were thrilled ⁣to discover ‍that their iMac 27″ was ⁢functioning perfectly again. This positive outcome not only brought ‍happiness to the customer, but⁢ it also left their wife delighted. The fact that the video card⁤ appeared new as the seller claimed was an added bonus ‍for⁤ them.

The second ​customer ​review was short and ‌sweet, stating that‍ the HD 6970M was exactly what they ⁣needed and they highly recommended it. ⁢Though this review was brief, it indicates that the ⁣product met the customer’s expectations, ⁣making it​ a worthwhile upgrade for‌ their iMac.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

Both customer reviews demonstrate a⁣ high level⁢ of satisfaction with⁣ the HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card Replacement for iMac Mid-2011. The⁤ positive experience⁣ of ‍the first customer is especially significant, as ⁣they initially had doubts but⁤ were⁣ ultimately won over by the product’s performance. This is a⁤ testament to ⁤the quality and reliability of the graphics card.

Installation and Ease of Use

While the ​first customer‌ mentioned that the installation process took them around an hour, this was primarily due to their ⁣cautious and⁣ meticulous ⁣approach. Since no complaints were made about the installation process being overly complicated or difficult, we can infer⁤ that the card‌ is relatively easy to install. This is ⁢good news for those who might be hesitant ⁤about tackling such a task themselves.

Performance and Compatibility

Both reviews attest to⁣ the fact⁢ that the HD 6970M graphics card successfully revived the iMac 27″, ‌highlighting its compatibility with the specified model. The positive outcome of restoring functionality to the customer’s iMac indicates ⁤that‍ the card performs effectively, delivering the expected results.

Positive Aspects Negative Aspects
The⁤ graphics⁢ card revived the customer’s iMac and‌ brought happiness to their⁢ spouse. N/A
The seller’s claim that ‍the ‌product‌ appeared new was accurate. N/A
The⁤ graphics card was exactly what the ​second customer ⁣needed. N/A

Based on the customer reviews, it is evident that the HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card Replacement for iMac Mid-2011⁣ is a reliable and effective option for upgrading the graphics performance ⁣of your iMac. The positive experiences shared by the customers support our recommendation⁤ of this product.

Pros & Cons

1. Improved Graphics Performance: The HD 6970M 2GB ⁢Graphics Card provides a significant boost‍ in graphics performance compared‍ to the older card in the iMac Mid-2011. This upgrade allows ⁣for smoother gameplay, ‌faster rendering, and ‍enhanced graphic-intensive ​tasks.

  1. Increased Memory Size: ‍With a memory size of 2 GB, this ⁣graphics card allows for better multitasking ‌and handling of ⁢large graphic files. It improves the overall performance of the iMac, especially when running multiple applications simultaneously or ‍working with high-resolution images and videos.

  2. Compatibility: The HD 6970M Graphics Card is specifically designed for​ the iMac Mid-2011 27″ All-in-One Desktop PC.‌ It ‌ensures ‌a perfect ⁢fit‍ and ⁣compatibility, making ‌it a hassle-free‍ upgrade option for users who want to improve their graphics capabilities ⁢without needing ​to purchase a ‌new computer.

  3. Professional Testing:‍ The graphics card‍ is tested before shipping, ensuring that⁢ it ‍is in working condition upon arrival. This provides peace of mind ​to buyers, knowing that they will receive a ​functional product.


  1. Professional Installation Required: One of the downsides of⁤ this‍ graphics card is‍ that​ it requires professional installation. Users with limited technical knowledge ​may find it ⁣difficult to​ install‍ the card themselves.‍ This adds an additional cost as they would need⁢ to​ take it to a repair shop for installation.

  2. Lack of Accessories and Documentation: The graphics card does not come ⁣with any accessories such as an X bracket, heatsink, or ⁢connecting⁤ cable.​ Users will need ⁤to source these ⁢items from the old card or purchase them ‍separately.‌ Additionally, there is ⁤no original retail package, software, user manual, or driver disc included. This may be inconvenient for some users who prefer a complete package.

  3. Limited Warranty Period: The graphics card comes with a warranty of ‍only ⁣three months. This shorter warranty duration may not provide long-term⁢ assurance for⁣ buyers concerned about potential defects or issues that may arise.

  4. Scratches or Thermal Compound: Due to the testing ​process before shipping, users ​may notice some scratches or thermal compound on ‌the chip. Although this does ⁤not affect‍ the performance, it may be off-putting for those ‌who prefer their products to arrive‌ in pristine condition.

Despite these drawbacks, the HD 6970M 2GB ⁣Graphics Card offers a significant improvement ‍in⁣ graphics ⁤performance and memory size for the iMac Mid-2011. Users who⁢ are willing to seek professional installation and understand the limitations of ⁢the product will greatly benefit from this upgrade.


Q: Is the HD‌ 6970M 2GB Graphics Card compatible with the iMac Mid-2011 27″ All-in-One Desktop PC Core i7 3.4 MD063LL/A MD063?

A: Yes, the HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card is the best choice to upgrade or replace the old ​graphics card ⁣in the iMac ⁢Mid-2011 27″ All-in-One Desktop PC.‌ However, if you are uncertain about the compatibility, ⁢we recommend contacting us before ordering.

Q: What does the package include?

A: The package only includes the graphics card itself. There are no accessories, software, ​user ‌manual, driver disc, or original ⁢retail package included. However, you‍ may⁢ be ‌able to acquire the X bracket, heatsink,‍ or connecting cable⁤ from the old graphics card.

Q: Will the graphics card ‍come in perfect⁤ condition?

A: Before ‍shipping, ⁣we thoroughly ⁢test the graphics card to⁤ ensure its ​functionality. Due to this testing process, you may notice some scratches or thermal compound‌ on the chip. Rest assured,‌ this does not ⁣affect the card’s performance.

Q: ⁢Do I need professional help​ to install the graphics card?

A: Yes, professional skill is‍ required to install the HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card. We recommend taking⁣ your ​iMac to a repair shop nearby if you are unsure how to install it.‌ Please note that we do ⁤not provide ⁢an installation tutorial.

Q: What is the warranty on the graphics card?

A: The HD 6970M‍ 2GB Graphics Card comes with a three-month warranty ⁢from⁢ the manufacturer. If ⁤you encounter ⁢any issues within this period, please contact ​us, and we will⁤ assist you accordingly.

Q: What are the specifications of the HD 6970M⁢ Graphics Card?

A: The⁣ HD‌ 6970M Graphics ‌Card has a core⁢ speed of 680 MHz and a memory speed of ‌900 MHz. It‍ operates on a‌ 256-bit memory bus width and supports DirectX 11 ⁤and Shader​ 5.0. The card consumes⁤ around 75-100 watts and features⁢ Terascale 2 architecture.‍ It ‌has a memory size of 2GB and is manufactured using 40 nm technology.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further‌ questions ⁣or concerns. We are here​ to ⁢assist you and⁣ ensure that you have a smooth‌ upgrade experience for your iMac Mid-2011 27″ All-in-One Desktop PC.

Elevate Your ⁣Lifestyle

In conclusion, upgrading your iMac Mid-2011​ with the New HD 6970M ‌2GB Graphics Card is a decision that can​ greatly enhance‍ your​ computing experience. This ‍powerful graphics card offers improved performance and visual quality, ​allowing you to enjoy ⁤smooth and immersive gameplay, as well as handle demanding creative tasks with ease.

Please keep in mind that this ​product includes the graphics card ⁢only, without any ‍accessories or software. It is essential to have professional skills for the installation process, ⁤and we⁤ highly recommend taking it to an‍ Apple repair center for a seamless and proper replacement. If you have any concerns regarding compatibility,‌ feel free to reach out ⁤to us before placing your order.

The New HD 6970M 2GB Graphics Card, manufactured by AMD, is designed to deliver impressive performance with its 960⁢ unified pipelines, 680‍ MHz core speed,⁣ and 256-bit memory bus width. With 2GB ‍of GDDR5 memory ‌and DirectX 11 support, you can expect stunning visuals⁢ and seamless ⁤compatibility with modern applications and games.

It’s worth noting that the graphics card does not come with the original retail package, software, user manual, driver disc, or any additional accessories such as the X bracket, heatsink,​ or connecting cable. However, you can utilize these components from your old card to complete the⁣ installation.

At our end, we thoroughly test each graphics‌ card​ before shipping. Hence, you may notice some minor scratches or ​thermal compound residue‍ on the chip. Rest assured, these do not affect the performance‍ or reliability of the‍ product.

To sum it up, the New HD ⁤6970M 2GB ⁣Graphics Card is the ideal ⁣choice for upgrading or replacing the old card in your‍ iMac Mid-2011 ⁣27 Inch All-in-One Desktop PC. With its brand new condition ‍and a⁣ three-month warranty, you can enjoy a seamless ‌computing experience for years to come.

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