Game Day Haven: Eapele Sports Tent Review

Welcome to our latest product review, where we dive into the ⁢world of ‍outdoor ​shelter solutions ‌with the Eapele Sports Tent. If you’re anything like us, you relish in the thrill of outdoor activities, whether it’s cheering on your‍ favorite team at a sports event, embarking on a camping adventure, ‍or⁢ simply enjoying the tranquility of nature while fishing.⁢ However, as much as we love the great outdoors, we also understand the importance ‍of ‌staying protected from the elements.

Enter the Eapele Sports Tent, an ‍instant pop-up tent shelter designed ‌to​ provide​ reliable protection come rain⁣ or shine. With its sturdy ​fiberglass frame and solid fabric construction, this tent boasts durability without sacrificing convenience. No more fumbling‍ with complicated‌ assembly instructions – in mere seconds, you can have your shelter up and ready to go, thanks to its easy folding mechanism.

But convenience​ is just the ⁢tip of the iceberg. This tent’s⁢ compact dimensions and lightweight design make it incredibly portable, fitting​ snugly into its 42.52-inch carrying bag for hassle-free transportation. Don’t let its size fool you, though‍ – with dimensions of 63″ x 63″ x 63″ and a weight of​ just 9.92 pounds, the Eapele Sports Tent offers ample ⁤space for up to four⁣ people, ensuring everyone stays comfortable and dry.

Speaking of staying dry, this tent is a fortress against ⁢the elements. ‍Whether you’re facing heavy rain, strong‍ winds, or even snow, the Eapele Sports Tent has ​got you covered. Its innovative design includes two 1870mm fiberglass poles at the top to prevent water accumulation,⁣ keeping you warm and dry no matter what Mother⁣ Nature throws your way.

But what truly sets this tent apart ‌is its‌ 540-degree clear view. With five transparent sides ⁤and windows, you ⁤can enjoy⁤ an unobstructed view‍ of your surroundings, ⁣whether you’re ⁢cheering on‍ your team ‌or gazing at the stars. And for ⁢those ⁤scorching summer days, a removable top cover ‌provides much-needed relief from the ⁤sun’s rays.

But the perks don’t end there. The Eapele Sports Tent​ comes equipped with a sturdy PE floor and hooks ⁤to keep your belongings organized and clean, while a double-zippered PVC door adds an extra⁣ layer⁣ of security. ‌Plus, its versatile design makes it suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities, from sports ​events to camping, hiking, fishing, and beyond.

In‍ conclusion, the Eapele Sports Tent is more than just a shelter – it’s your ticket to ⁤outdoor adventure, providing comfort, convenience, and peace⁢ of mind every ‍step of the way. So why wait? Upgrade ⁢your ‌outdoor experience today with the Eapele Sports Tent.

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Our experience with the Eapele ⁣Sports Tent has been nothing short ⁣of remarkable. Designed for versatility and comfort, this pop-up tent is a ⁤game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts and sports fans alike. Crafted with‌ a‍ sturdy fiberglass frame ​and solid fabric, setting up this ​tent is a breeze – just unfold and⁢ pop it up in seconds without any hassle. ‍Plus, with its easy-folding feature and included⁢ carrying bag, transportation becomes a cinch.

Key Features Specifications
Quick and effortless pop-up design Dimensions: 63″ x 63″ x 63″
Sturdy fiberglass frame Weight: 9.92 pounds
Provides protection⁣ in various weather ⁢conditions Capacity: Up to 4 persons
360-degree ⁤clear view with‍ transparent sides Material: PVC
Removable top cover for sun protection

This outdoor bubble tent not‍ only offers ample space and comfort but also keeps you warm and dry even in the harshest weather ‌conditions. Its innovative design includes two‌ 1870mm fiberglass poles to prevent water accumulation, ensuring you stay cozy inside. With 540-degree transparent windows, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views while being shielded from the elements. Additionally, the ⁢removable top cover adds‍ an extra layer of protection from the scorching sun.

Whether ⁣you’re cheering on your favorite team, camping⁤ under the stars, or capturing stunning outdoor photographs, the Eapele Sports ⁢Tent is your perfect companion. With its durable construction and versatile functionality, it’s suitable⁤ for‌ a wide range of‌ outdoor activities. Don’t miss out on the ultimate outdoor experience – get yours today!

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Exploring the Eapele Sports Tent: A⁤ Convenient ‌Outdoor Companion

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Our journey⁢ into the⁢ realm of outdoor comfort led us to ‍the Eapele Sports Tent, a versatile sanctuary ⁣for adventurers⁣ and sports enthusiasts alike. Crafted ‍with convenience​ in​ mind, this ‍pop-up tent eliminates the hassle of assembly, allowing us to indulge in spontaneous outdoor escapades ​with​ ease.

Constructed with a ‌sturdy fiberglass frame and durable fabric, this tent boasts effortless folding⁤ and unfolding, reducing ⁣setup time to mere seconds. Its compact design, coupled with a⁤ 42.52-inch carrying bag, ensures hassle-free transportation, making it an ideal companion for impromptu outings. Weighing a mere 9.92 pounds, the Eapele⁣ Sports Tent strikes the perfect balance between portability and spaciousness, offering a cozy shelter for up⁢ to ​four individuals.

Features Specifications
Size and⁣ Weight Width: 63″ | Length: 63″ | Height: 63″ | Weight: 9.92 lbs
Weather Resistance Withstands heavy rain, strong wind, and snow
360-Degree View 5 transparent sides with 540-degree windows

Moreover, the Eapele Sports Tent ‍provides reliable protection against ⁣the elements, keeping us ‍warm and dry⁣ even in the face of inclement weather. Equipped with two 1870mm fiberglass poles, it prevents water accumulation ​and ensures​ stability in adverse conditions. The 540-degree clear view design offers an ⁢unparalleled outdoor experience, allowing us​ to immerse ourselves in nature while sheltered from the elements. Additionally, the removable top cover shields us‌ from the scorching sun, enhancing​ our outdoor comfort.

From cheering‌ at sports events to camping under the starlit sky, this versatile tent‍ caters to a ​myriad of outdoor activities. Its sturdy ‌PE floor and convenient hooks keep our belongings ⁤organized, while the double-zippered PVC door enhances security. Whether it’s fishing by​ the‍ lake or enjoying ⁤outdoor movies with friends, the Eapele Sports Tent promises comfort and convenience every step of the way.

Experience the epitome ⁤of outdoor ⁣comfort with the Eapele Sports Tent. Embrace spontaneity and embark on unforgettable adventures‌ with this reliable companion. Get yours today and‌ elevate your outdoor escapades!

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Key​ Features:

Game Day Haven: Eapele Sports Tent Review插图2

When it⁤ comes‌ to convenience, our sports tent stands out with its easy folding and carrying capabilities. Crafted with a sturdy fiberglass frame and solid fabric, this pop-up tent requires no assembly. In ‍just seconds, it springs to life ​and folds down just as quickly, making transportation a breeze. Plus, with its included 42.52-inch carrying bag, taking it on the go is effortless.

Size and ‌weight are important ⁢considerations for any outdoor shelter, and ours doesn’t disappoint. With dimensions of 63″ in width,​ length, and height, and weighing just 9.92 pounds, our bubble‌ tent offers a‌ spacious and comfortable retreat‍ for up to four people. But don’t let‍ its lightweight fool you; this tent is designed ​to keep​ you warm and dry in harsh weather‍ conditions. Featuring two 1870mm fiberglass poles to prevent water accumulation⁤ and 540-degree clear views from its transparent sides, our tent ensures you stay protected and enjoy the scenery. Ready to experience the ease and‌ comfort of our​ sports tent? Get ​yours now!

Unveiling the Innovative Design and ‌Versatile Features

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Step ‍into a realm of innovation and versatility with our exceptional ⁤sports tent. Crafted with a sturdy fiberglass frame and solid fabric, this pop-up marvel promises instant setup without the hassle of assembly. ⁣Within seconds, it transforms from a compact package‌ into a spacious sanctuary, ready to accommodate your outdoor escapades. Weighing a mere ‍9.92 pounds and accompanied by a⁢ convenient 42.52-inch‌ carrying bag, portability has never been​ easier.

Experience unparalleled comfort and ​protection as you revel in ⁣the elements. ‌With‍ dimensions measuring width (63″), length (63″), and height (63″), our bubble tent offers‍ ample space for up to four ⁤individuals. No ⁢weather condition can ⁤deter your adventure,⁤ as our tent is engineered to withstand heavy rain, strong winds, and even​ snow. Enhanced ​by two 1870mm fiberglass poles, water accumulation⁣ is a thing of‌ the past. Immerse yourself in a⁣ 540-degree⁣ panorama through five transparent sides, while​ a removable⁤ top cover shields you from the scorching sun. Embrace the perfect synthesis of design and functionality, where a sturdy PE floor, hooks for organization, and a double-zippered PVC⁤ door ensure a ⁤seamless outdoor experience.‌ From sports events to camping, ⁢fishing ​to cheering, our ‌pop-up tent ⁢elevates every moment. Discover the epitome of outdoor convenience today!

In-Depth⁣ Insights:

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When ⁤it comes to outdoor gear, convenience is⁣ key,​ and the Eapele Sports Tent⁣ delivers just that. Its easy folding ‌and carrying feature make it a ⁣breeze to transport, perfect for those spontaneous adventures. With a sturdy fiberglass frame and solid fabric, this pop-up tent sets up in seconds, no assembly ⁣required. Plus, its compact design means you can take it virtually anywhere without hassle.

Material Fiberglass, Imported PVC
Size Width: 63″, Length: 63″, Height: 63″
Weight 9.92 pounds

But don’t let its portability fool ⁤you; this tent is tough. With the ability to withstand heavy ‌rain, strong winds, and even snow,⁤ you⁢ can stay warm and dry in any weather condition. The 540-degree clear⁣ view design adds⁢ an extra layer of enjoyment, providing an excellent view of your‍ surroundings.⁣ Whether you’re cheering on your favorite team at ‍a sports event or enjoying a peaceful camping trip, this tent has you covered.

Get your Eapele Sports Tent now and elevate your outdoor experience!


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As avid outdoor enthusiasts, we were eager to put the pop-up tent ‌ through its paces. First and foremost, its easy folding and carrying design truly stood ⁣out. Within seconds, we had it set up and ready for action. The included carrying ‌bag‍ made transportation a breeze, ⁢allowing us to embark on our adventures without any hassle.

Size and weight are always crucial factors when considering outdoor gear, and this sports tent ⁤impressed us on both fronts. With dimensions of 63″ x 63″ x 63″ and weighing just 9.92 pounds, it offered a spacious and comfortable⁣ shelter for up to 4 people. Despite⁣ its lightweight nature, its sturdy fiberglass frame and solid fabric assured us of its durability, while its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions kept us warm and dry even in​ the face of heavy rain, strong wind, or snow.

Feature Description
Easy Folding and Carrying Quickly pops up and folds without assembly. Comes with‌ a carrying bag for easy ⁣transportation.
Size and Weight Measures 63″⁢ x 63″ x 63″, weighing only 9.92 pounds.
Keep Warm and Dry Withstands various harsh weather conditions, keeping users dry and warm. Features fiberglass poles⁢ to prevent water accumulation.
540-Degree Clear View 5 transparent sides‌ with ‍540-degree transparent windows provide an excellent view.

This ⁤ clean sport tent didn’t just excel in functionality; its⁤ design features ‍were also top-notch. ​The sturdy PE​ floor and hooks kept our belongings⁣ clean and organized, while the⁢ removable top cover offered‌ protection from the sun and rain.⁢ Plus, the ⁤double-zippered ⁤PVC door added an ‍extra layer of security, giving us ‌peace of mind during our outdoor escapades.

Overall, whether you’re watching sports events,​ camping, hiking, ⁣fishing, or ⁢even enjoying outdoor movies, this pop-up sports tent is a must-have companion. Its versatility, durability, and ease of use make it a standout choice for any outdoor enthusiast. Ready to ‌elevate your outdoor experience?‍ Check it out on‍ Amazon today!

Final Verdict:

Game Day Haven: Eapele Sports Tent Review插图6

After putting the Eapele Sports Tent to the ⁣test, we ‍can‍ confidently say that it’s a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts. The easy folding and carrying make it a breeze to transport, while its sturdy ⁤fiberglass frame ensures durability. Setting it up is a cinch, requiring no assembly whatsoever.

One of the​ standout features is its ability⁤ to keep you warm and dry in various weather conditions. Whether it’s ‍heavy rain, strong wind, or snow, this tent has‍ you covered. Plus, the 540-degree ‍clear view ensures you never miss a moment‌ of the ⁢action. With ​its spacious interior and thoughtful design, it’s perfect for a range of outdoor activities from camping to ‌cheering on‌ your favorite sports team.

Pros Cons
Quick setup and ‌folding May be slightly heavy for solo carrying
Spacious interior
Excellent visibility
Thoughtful design

Ready to upgrade your outdoor experience? Get your Eapele Sports Tent‍ here.


Our Comprehensive Assessment and Final Thoughts

Game Day Haven: Eapele Sports Tent Review插图7

When‌ it comes to outdoor shelter solutions,​ this ⁤tent truly ⁣stands out in terms of both functionality and design.​ The ease of use is unparalleled with its instant ‍pop-up feature, allowing us to set it up or fold it away in a matter of seconds. ⁣This is especially convenient for those impromptu trips or events⁤ where time is of the essence. Weighing in⁣ at only 9.92 pounds​ and accompanied by a 42.52-inch carrying bag, transportation ​becomes a breeze, making it a hassle-free addition to our outdoor gear.

Key Features Details
Size and Weight Width (63″) x Length (63″) x Height (63″)
Weather ⁢Resistance Withstands heavy rain, strong wind, and snow
Viewing Experience 540-degree clear ​view⁢ with 5 transparent sides

Functionality aside, the design elements are also worth mentioning. The removable top cover not only protects us​ from the scorching sun but also offers added shelter during unexpected rain‌ showers. The double-zippered PVC door provides an extra layer of security, ensuring ‍our belongings are ​safe while‌ we enjoy the outdoors. ‍Whether it’s cheering at a⁣ sports event,​ camping under the stars, or simply enjoying a​ day out fishing, this tent has proven ⁢to be a ‌versatile companion, enhancing our outdoor experiences in a multitude of ways.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

I bought this ⁤product​ to use at a ⁢recent parade to which we were going to have so-so weather. It ended up​ not raining, but it was very windy. I purchased the‌ six person ⁣tent. I was pleasantly surprised that it fit five of us‍ easily on chairs. With the middle front open for the person in the back to be⁣ able to ⁤get in and out. the plastic was very see-through which was awesome. The only thing I wish is that the bottom did attach to the tent itself by either snaps or some sort of button. We ended up having to tie it to ⁣our bags and chairs as we were on concrete. It did work⁢ fine once we knew‌ this. we got a lot of compliments and a⁢ lot of ⁤people asked where​ we purchased it from. I am definitely happy with this purchase. It will get used quite a bit in the future. By the way, super easy to set up and put‌ away. it is about the size of a hula hoop closed up though , it wasn’t too heavy, but is a little bulky. But that was expected.

I love‌ this tent. I’ve tried it in every weather possibilities. Even in the dead of winter w/ strong winds, it completely kept us sheltered… The only issue and ⁣it’s not a huge one, but when it’s collapsed, i would hope it ‍would be able to get smaller. It doesn’t get as‌ small and portable as other pop up tents. But the durability is fantastic. I don’t feel⁤ like it’s gonna break or rip when I fold/unfold it. It snuggly fits my husband and I,‍ our Massif dog, 2 folding chairs and a folding table. Very​ very pleased⁢ w this product!

This tent has been life-changing you can use it for⁢ sports outdoor events or⁤ whatever‌ we use it ‌for⁤ fishing it’s absolutely amazing. It also comes with a full cover‌ over. It comes with a tarp like bottom comes with steaks to stick it to the ground. It’s got two windows that unzip and open as well as⁣ a full door that unzips and opened. It’s very easy to put up and take down, it’s very sturdy reliable. ⁣It’s great in⁣ the wind or rain. Definitely recommend it. Definitely recommend it.

Ordered this for spring ball. ‌Just opened it for the first time ‌and 2 of the poles are broken. Do not recommend

Cannot ⁣wait⁤ to use ⁣this at lacrosse baseball football games and cheerleading events ‌only problem is the expanders for the top are so taunt/tight that we couldn’t get it to fit without‍ unhinging them I feel like they are about an inch ⁢too long and I wonder how much pressure the little pockets can⁤ take

My review is ‌based on setting it up and breaking it ‍down⁣ in my house. I haven’t used it at a sports event yet with bad weather, but I was worried about set up and break down and it was simple and up and down within 5 minutes. easy to store ⁣back in the storage bag and the plastic is very clear and‍ easy​ to see through which I appreciate! I will update review if it does not perform well ⁣in the⁤ elements.

The ‍item photo shows two people in chairs with some “elbow room” ​around them.That room doesn’t exist……….It’s very cramped for two people in chairs.Maybe the ⁣people in the⁣ photo were photoshopped to 80% ‍of their actual size⁤ ?

The cross bars that go across the top are super, super tight to get in. After about the 3rd use one of them snapped.The floor isn’t attached which allows a lot of‍ cold air⁤ to flow in and makes ​the ground at your feet get muddy when it’s raining. It also necessitates the use of the included stakes on windy days to hold ⁣it down, so not usable on ​hard‌ surfaces. (I have a different brand one that the floor is‍ attached so as long as you sit‍ in it or put rocks in it won’t blow away)The tent itself ⁢is sturdily made, but the ‍design⁤ could definitely be⁣ better.



Customer Review Rating
I bought this product to use at a recent parade ​to which we were going‌ to have so-so weather… Positive
I love ⁤this tent. I’ve tried it in every weather possibilities… Positive
This tent has been life-changing you can​ use it for sports outdoor⁢ events or whatever we use it‍ for fishing it’s absolutely amazing… Positive
Ordered this for spring ball. Just opened it for the first time and 2 of the poles ⁣are broken… Negative
Cannot wait to use this at lacrosse baseball football games and cheerleading events only problem is the expanders for the top are so taunt/tight that we couldn’t⁤ get it to fit⁤ without unhinging them… Neutral
My review is based on setting it up ⁤and breaking it down in my house… Positive
The item photo shows two people in‍ chairs with some “elbow room” around them.That room doesn’t exist… Negative
The cross bars that go ⁤across the top are super, super tight to get‌ in… Negative



Pros & Cons

Pros &‌ Cons: Eapele Sports Tent Review


1. Quick and Easy Setup The instant pop-up design ‍makes assembling a breeze, folding down in seconds for​ hassle-free transportation.
2. Weather ⁢Resistant Keeps you dry and warm in heavy rain,‍ strong wind, or snow, thanks to its sturdy construction and top fiberglass ‌poles.
3. Spacious & Comfortable With dimensions⁣ of 63″ x ‌63″ x ‌63″, it ‍offers ample space for up to 4 people, making it perfect for group outings.
4. 540-Degree Clear View Enjoy an excellent view⁣ from all angles with its 5 transparent sides and windows, perfect ⁢for watching sports events.
5. Multi-Purpose Design Not just for sports events! Ideal for ‍camping, hiking, fishing, outdoor movies, and more, making ‍it a versatile choice.
6. Protection from Sun The removable top cover shields ​you from the sun’s rays, providing a comfortable shaded area.
7. ‍Organized Storage Comes with hooks and a sturdy PE floor, ⁣helping you keep your belongings clean and organized.


1. Limited Capacity While advertised for 1-6 ​people, it‍ comfortably accommodates up to 4 adults, so larger groups may find it a bit snug.
2. Plastic Door Zipper The double-zippered ​PVC door, while providing security, might feel less durable compared to other materials.
3. Height Restriction At 63 inches in height, taller individuals might find it ‍a bit cramped when standing inside.
4. Weight While fairly lightweight at 9.92 pounds, it may⁢ not be the lightest option for backpacking or long hikes.
5. Setup Learning Curve Some users may find it tricky to fold down initially, requiring a bit of practice to ⁢master the technique.

These pros and cons ⁣sum up our experience with the​ Eapele Sports Tent. While it‌ excels in providing quick shelter with excellent visibility and weather protection, it does come with a ⁣few considerations for potential buyers. However, for game day gatherings or outdoor adventures with a small group, it certainly offers a convenient and ‌enjoyable experience.


Q&A⁣ Section:

Q: How easy‌ is it to set up and fold the Eapele Sports Tent?

A: ⁣Setting ‌up the ⁤Eapele Sports Tent is an absolute breeze! ‍Thanks to its sturdy fiberglass frame and solid fabric, it pops up instantly without the‌ need for any assembly. Folding it back ‌is just as simple, taking only seconds ⁤to collapse into a compact form. Plus, it comes with a convenient carrying bag, making transportation‍ effortless.

Q: What are the⁣ dimensions and weight of the tent?

A: The Eapele Sports Tent measures 63 inches ‌in width, length, and height, providing ample space for up to 4 persons to comfortably⁢ enjoy their outdoor activities. Despite ⁤its spacious interior, it weighs only 9.92 pounds, making it incredibly lightweight ⁢and portable.

Q: Can the Eapele Sports Tent withstand harsh‌ weather conditions?

A: Absolutely! This outdoor bubble tent is ​designed to endure ​various weather challenges. Whether it’s heavy rain, strong⁤ wind, or⁤ even snow, you⁢ can count on the Eapele​ Sports Tent to⁣ keep⁣ you dry and ‍warm. Equipped with ⁣two 1870mm fiberglass poles on the top, it ⁤effectively prevents water accumulation, ensuring ⁤a cozy shelter in any conditions.

Q: How’s the visibility from ‌inside the tent?

A: The Eapele Sports Tent offers an impressive 540-degree clear view, thanks to its five transparent sides with transparent windows. ⁤Whether you’re watching a sports event or simply enjoying the scenic outdoors, you’ll have an excellent ‌view from ​every angle. Plus, the removable top cover provides protection from the sun’s ⁢glare without obstructing your view.

Q: What additional features does the tent offer?

A: The Eapele Sports Tent is packed ⁤with thoughtful features to enhance your outdoor experience. It comes with a sturdy PE floor and hooks to keep your belongings clean and organized. ⁢The double-zippered ‌PVC door adds an extra layer of security,‌ ensuring your safety and privacy. Plus, its versatile design makes it suitable for various ​outdoor activities, including camping, fishing, hiking, and ⁣more.

Q: Is the tent suitable for solo adventurers as well?

A: Absolutely!⁣ While the⁢ Eapele Sports Tent can accommodate up to 4‍ persons, solo adventurers can also enjoy its spacious interior and weather-resistant features. ⁢Whether ⁣you’re cheering at a ​sports event or embarking on a solo camping trip, this tent provides the perfect sanctuary for all your outdoor endeavors.

Experience ‍Innovation

As we wrap up our exploration of the⁢ Eapele Sports Tent, we’re left with an undeniable sense of⁣ awe at⁤ its versatility and practicality. This instant pop-up tent isn’t just a shelter; it’s a game day haven, a‌ camping companion, a fishing retreat, and a parade perch all rolled​ into one.

From its easy folding and carrying to its ability ‌to keep you​ warm ⁢and dry in any weather, this tent ⁣has proven itself as a reliable partner for all your outdoor adventures. And let’s not forget⁤ the 540-degree clear view‍ it offers, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the excitement of the outdoors while staying⁣ protected.

With its perfect design featuring a sturdy PE‍ floor, hooks for organization, and a removable⁢ top cover for added comfort, the Eapele Sports Tent ‍truly leaves no stone unturned when it comes to meeting your outdoor needs.

So whether you’re cheering on your favorite team, embarking on a camping trip, or simply soaking in the beauty of nature, ‌make sure​ you have the Eapele Sports Tent⁣ by ‍your ‍side.

Ready to elevate your outdoor experience? Click here to get your own Eapele Sports ‍Tent now!

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